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Clinical Skin Peels

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Clinical Skin Peels

The cheats way to perfect complexion and flawless looking skin

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The purpose of this masks is to remove the most superficial layers of the skin in order to stimulate cell renewal and as a final result obtain an even skin tone  and eliminate hyper pigmentation.

This is followed up by a heallite 11 and Bio cellular recovery mask 3 days post treatment.

All after care skincare is provided in this cost.

45min | + follow up $1300
Tomorrows Peels

These peels revitalise the skin dramatically reducing the visible signs of aging giving your skin a smooth age defying appearance. 

45min | $120

with aspect

Ideal for premature aging, rough, dull, environmentally damaged excessive oiliness clogged pore and uneven skin tone. Powerful yet gentle, so suitable for sensitive skins.

45min | $90
Course of 6 $360

with medik8

Medical strength resurfacing treatment. Recommended for fine lines, wrinkles, dull, rough and lackluster skin which works deep within the skin to encourage new cells and collagen renewal softening the appearance of age.

45min | $100
Course of 4 $346

with medik8

A powerful blend of acids that sink deep into the pores to effectively clarify and decongest the complexion. It rapidly bring blemishes under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future breakout.

45min | $100
Course of 4 $346

A brightening peel targeting sun damage, hyperpigmentation and dull, uneven skin.  Helps to restore a more even and radiant complexion.

45min | $100
Course of 4 $346
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